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Mike Sindoni

Executive Chef

CBD Provisions

1530 Main Street

Dallas, TX



Spanish Style Chorizo


-1500g of Pork Butt, soft, fat with glands removed, diced

-500g duck fat, diced

-31g Kosher salt

-2g Insta Cure #1 Cure #2

-7g dextrose


-90g White wine, chilled

-20g of Spanish smoked paprika 

-10g Cayenne pepper

-4g ground black pepper

-4g fresh majoram, chopped

-18g microplaned garlic



1) Mix pork, fat, instacure, and dextrose in a bowl and leave covered in the fridge overnight

2) Grind through 3/8" plate into a chilled bowl of a stand mixer. Add remaining ingredients except wine.

3) Mix with a paddle on low speed until incorporated.

4) Slowly add wine, increase until medium, and mix until tasty.

5) Stuff into pork casings and hang several hours in a cool place. Cook to 155 degrees before serving. 

( If dry curing, hang in a cool, dark room with 75% humidity until 30% of the original weight is lost )


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