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Deep in the heart of Dallas, Baker's Ribs represents a barbecue lover's dream with their skillfully cooked meats and their accompaniment of traditional sides. Whether you are a local or simply passing through town, Baker's Ribs is a must-visit. Who better to treat than barbecue lovers/chillwave geniuses, Toro y Moi.

How was South By Southwest?

Patrick: I thought it was really busy. We were playing a lot of shows but it was good that we were still able to catch a lot of bands. There were so many people down couldn't even drive. There was this dude on this silly, tall bike -- like a circus bike. We were leaving the venue and Chaz was brushing glass off the street so we wouldn't run over it and this circus bike guy was like, "Hey assholes, why don't you get out of my way and go back to California!" James was like, "No man! We're from South Carolina!"[laughs] And he spit on our car. It was crazy. 

Jordan: True. We got a lot of free stuff. Our van is officially packed now. Giftings!

Who did you guys see down there?

Chaz: Oddfuture. It was nuts.

Jordan: Avva Luna. They're really amazing. We also saw Twin Shadow who is really great live. Actually, a lot different then the record.

Chaz, how is the "Underneath The Pine" tour thus far? How is transitioning to full band with the live set?

Chaz:  It's easier. It comes across a lot better. The traveling, the live show, the response, everything. I'm not really a laptop musician. I use it as a tool but its not really essential to my live performances.

Chaz, you started sampling music during graphic design school?

Chaz: Yeah, I started messing around with sampling like my freshman year of college. I kinda started out when I got my new laptop for school. Going back and forth from electronic music to acoustic instruments just sort of helped me to not get bored. Recording on a computer is a lot like you recording guitar or piano.

We're avid fans of your work. We're also fans of Neon Indian. You've been compared to them. What do you think about the whole "chill wave" genre title?

Chaz: I don't have any hatred towards that title or anything. I'm totally open to whatever genre they want to call it. It's a way to categorize the style. Toro y Moi has a very versatile pop component, too.

Who are you listening to right now?

Chaz: Caribou.

Patrick: We also listen to a lot of hip-hop.

Chaz: Lil' Wayne, The Dream.

Let's segway to food. In South Carolina, what do you eat most of? Do you cook at home?

Chaz: I'm really good at cooking fried rice. I make that all the time. Andy is a good vegetarian cook. There's pretty good sweet tea. But I put some lemonade in there.

Are you able to differentiate between sweet tea regionally?

Andy: Not really, they put more lemons up east.

Are there some places around the nation that you frequent on your tours?

Andy: We always hit up Torchy's Tacos when we travel through Austin.

Chaz: In Richmond, there's this great place called Ipanema Cafe. It's a vegan restaurant, but it's actually a really hearty meal that's not too expensive too. In Columbia, there's lots of good stuff too. There's this Mediterranean place called Mediterranean Tea Room, Blue Cactus Cafe, which is a Korean barbecue / Mexican restaurant.

Jordan: Yeah that place is cool. They range from burritos to kimchee. There slogan is "arrogantly slow". I mean it takes a while but it's well worth it.

Chaz: Yeah, it's BYOB too. It's pretty cool because there's a corner store next to it too.

South Carolina must have some good barbecue.

Chaz: There's a really good spot in Columbia called Little Pigs. It's only open for lunch but it's so good. $10 dollars all you can eat.

Patrick: In Austin, we went to Salt Lick. We also heard about Franklin's. We kept talking about going during South-By but we were too busy.

If you were to put food to your music, what would it be?

Chaz: Well, the Underneath The Pine album cover has pomelo on it so that could be it! Really anything citrusy. I would say eating oranges while drinking a cold glass of orange juice. Citrus overload. Jordan actually threw up after taking too many vitamin C pills.

Jordan: I didn't throw up. I got really sick and I thought that drinking six vitamin waters with an EmergenC pack in each of them would be a good idea. It wasn't. Got Vitamin C overload.

What do u think of your Bakers barbecue dishes?

Chaz: It's really good. The meat is really tender and the sauce is good. It's different ... more vinegar based and slightly thicker.

Jordan: I don't know, I think really good barbecue shouldn't have sauce.

Patrick: You don't like saucy barbecue?

Jordan: Well, I think the charred pieces are the best and you can ruin it with sauce all over it.

[Police officers walk in Baker's Ribs]

Patrick: One of my friends say that you know if it's a good barbecue joint if cops eat there. Love it.


Baker's Ribs on Commerce Street in Deep Ellum serves as a perfect location for a pre-show meal. The fragrant smell of the slow-cooked barbecue wafts through the entrance of the spacious dining room as you enter the front door. Head straight through the country decorated eatery, complete with tin signs, original artwork, historical posters, picnic tables with red and white plaid tablecloths, and a tin awning, to order at the meat counter at the back of the room.

On our visit for Tunes N' Spoons with Toro y Moi, we enjoyed a sampling of delicious meats including ribs, brisket, chicken, turkey, ham, and sausage. While all of these options offered a delicious payoff, the consensus of the table was that the brisket stole the show. Tender and juicy with a nicely charred exterior holding in a symphony of flavors, this brisket served as a lesson in perfection when it comes to the art of Texas barbecue. Anyone with a carnivorous appetite who finds themselves remotely near the 2700 block of Commerce Street, right in the heart of Deep Ellum, would be doing themselves a great disservice to miss out on a trip to this legendary establishment. While the red meat, pork, and poultry highlighted the evening's meal, the sides available at this rib joint are not to be ignored. Serving traditional barbecue sides with their own unique twist, Baker's Ribs delivers a rousing success with their accompanying options. 

The creamy, slightly tart potato salad offers an ideal consistency, melding perfectly sized chunks of potatoes with the traditional ingredients and a kick of dill. The macaroni and cheese, green beans, tomato salad, and baked beans are not without note either. In fact, one member of the band is a vegetarian and expressed great delight and surprise at the quality of mouth-watering vegetable-based sides available at a barbecue restaurant known for its meat. It is also worth noting the joy that the South Carolina based band found in tasting Baker's sweet iced tea. They were so impressed by the southern staple that they took a gallon of it back to the show after dinner.



A special thanks to Toro y Moi, Jordan Blackmon, Suzanne Duncan of Baker's Ribs, and Daniel Gill of Forcefield PR

Toro y Moi is:

Chaz Bundick - lead vocals, synth, piano

Jordan Blackmon - lead guitar

Patrick Jeffords - bass

Andy Woodward - drums

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