February 02, 2024

"HORNET" by Silkworm is a raw and intense rock track that exemplifies the band's grunge-infused sound. Released as part of their album "Lifestyle," the song is a sonic onslaught characterized by distorted guitars, driving rhythms, and the gritty vocals of frontman Joel R.L. Phelps. Silkworm's penchant for combining noise rock with a touch of indie and punk elements is on full display in "HORNET." The track's abrasive yet infectious energy creates a visceral listening experience, with the band's musical prowess shining through in both their instrumental prowess and Phelps' compelling vocal delivery. "HORNET" stands as a testament to Silkworm's ability to push sonic boundaries and deliver a potent blend of aggression and melody within the alternative rock landscape.

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