December 01, 2023

Reflecting on Virgil Abloh's death, I was brought back to his Shanghai DJ set during the pandemic with this opening banger. Yotam Avni's track "Thoughts" is a dynamic and immersive journey through the realms of techno and electronic music. As part of his discography, the song demonstrates Avni's adept ability to blend atmospheric textures with pulsating beats, creating a hypnotic and entrancing soundscape. The track unfolds with a compelling progression, characterized by intricate layers of synthesizers, nuanced percussion, and a driving rhythm that propels the listener forward. Avni skillfully balances moments of tension and release, allowing the composition to ebb and flow with a captivating energy. "Thoughts" showcases Yotam Avni's mastery in crafting sophisticated electronic music that not only engages the body on the dancefloor but also stimulates the mind with its thoughtful and intricate sonic architecture.

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